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22th MAY 2009

An Overview of our services
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22th MAY 2009

How we have made a difference
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22th MAY 2009

Helping traders to comply with distance selling and e-commerce regulations
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About Us

Our Mission

The aims of our centre:

The Consumers Law Centres' main objectives are to defend European Consumers’ rights both Nationally and Internationally. We specialise in giving advice and assistance to European residents and businesses concerning local or cross border consumer rights issues within Europe.

Our Experience

14th August 2008

We have over 45 years experience in consumer law related issues. Our foremost expertise are assisting in cross border consumer issues from Italian and UK citizens.

Our Services

4th January 2008

We offer a fast and effience service where we aim to respond to clients within 48 hours, and will use regular updates to keep you informed with the progress of your case.

Where there is a conflict with an Italian enterprise or a private individual, the Consumer Law Centre can provide a number of services:

Where there is a conflict with a UK based enterprise or private individual, the Consumer Law Centre can provide the following services:

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