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Latest Consumer Law News

Takeover fraud 'on the increase'

13th June 2009

More consumers are losing control of their bank account or credit card to fraudsters, a watchdog has warned.

Cases of "takeover fraud" in the UK increased by 75% in the last year, says the fraud prevention service Cifas.

A few years ago fraudsters who gained your personal details may have taken out loans or credit cards in your name. Read More >

'Ministry warns on debt write-offs'

5th June 2009

The Ministry of Justice has warned consumers about the dangers of trying to get debts written off.

They say hundreds of claims management companies are charging large up-front fees, and making misleading claims about the chances of success. Read More >

'Buy now pay later' deals rising

26th May 2009

The amount of credit for "buy now, pay later" deals has risen during the economic downturn, according to industry figures.

In-store credit, often for items such as settees and electrical goods, was up 24% in March compared with the same month a year earlier. Read More >

EU proposal could 'stifle' games

15th May 2009

The future of games development has been called into question after the EU Commission suggested developers provide a two year guarantee.

Commissioners Viviane Reding and Meglena Kuneva want to expand the EU Sales and Guarantees Directive. Read More >

New Website

5th September 2008

We are in the proccess of updating our consumer law website to give:

Holiday club company closed down

14th August 2008

A holiday club whose directors allowed potential members to be offered "seriously misleading" information has been wound up.

A High Court judge said the "free holiday" promoted by TAG World Services Limited, based in Sudbury in Suffolk, was not free. A number and wide variety of complaints were received, leading to an inquiry by a branch of the Insolvency Service. Read More >

Consumer appetite for debt wanes

4th JANUARY 2006

The appetite of UK consumers for new debt has fallen to its lowest level for 11 years.
Bank of England figures show that in November, the growth rate of consumer credit - such as credit cards and bank loans - fell to just 9.8% a year.

That was the slowest growth recorded since September 1994 and a fall from the recent peak of 16.1% in 2002. Read More >

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